How we do it?

SourceRoo adds complete transparency to the IT buying process, researches the best solution to match your needs and ultimately, saves you time and money. Our insights and knowledge of SaaS marketplaces are second to none!

Our software reviews engine aggregates content from leading review sites such as G2crowd, Capterra, Software Advice, & Others including advisory services to provide our clients with an up to date market feedback on pricing and key reviews on selected software. We perform market research to find the best solution providers to match the current and future needs of your business. Real time pricing regarding pricing trends is our SourceRoo procurement engine.

Why it works?

You control the process – no action is taken without your approval.

Vendor relationships stay intact. Our primary payment structure is results-driven. We offer an engagement model to fit your business that will deliver the most desirable outcomes.

Who we are not?

We work only for you, the buyer, no strings attached. We bring transparency and diligence into your existing procurement process. That’s what sets us apart. Our Guarantee Expert service. Expert advice. Industry knowledge and procurement software. Diligence through the acquisition management process.

And…you will get the right price for the right product and the right services.